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t e a c u p p y ♪

t e a c u p p y {visual & oshare graphics}
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visual & oshare graphic splendor.

t e a c u p p y
Welcome to teacuppy, the new home of muffin_xx. Here you will find a delectable assortment of visual & oshare graphics. I mostly make icons and friends only banners, but once in a while, I'll post some wallpapers and headers. I also make jfashion icons. Please enjoy your stay and have a cup of tea on your way out. :)
r u l e s
001* Always, always credit either muffin_xx or teacuppy when you use one of my graphics.
002* No direct-linking please.
003* Textless icons aren't bases.
004* Don't take anything and say you made it.
005* No editing anything, please.
e x t r a
*Please [join] if you like my graphics. :3
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