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t e a c u p p y ♪
konban wa minna-chan! (>ω<)v i am here to bring you news… 
30th-Aug-2007 09:12 pm
konban wa minna-chan! (>ω<)v

i am here to bring you news of my next icon SPECIAL. i am going to make a 'girl power' icon set. xD it'll consist of some girl jrock bands. i have in mind Danger Gang and Exist Trace. mainly 'cause those are the only girl jrock bands i know. and some lolita stuff. ummmm~ so yeah! it'll be really fun. i'll make some FO banners too~ and profile layouts! yes! it'll be an extravaganza of graphics! OωO

OMG. i'm also reaaaallllyyyy excited because...~i'm going to japan next summer!~ ^ω^ i'm probably pissing some of my buddies at school off 'cause i've been talking about it so much. one of my friends thinks i'm lame for being so excited about it when it's still like a year away. well you guys probably understand why i'm excited. xD yeah well. i'm going as part of an art...group...thing at my school. yup. i can't wait! i'll finally get to go to the Angelic Pretty store, and Like an Edison, and Closet Child, and BABY, and Sex Pot Revenge, and 6% Doki Doki! *drool* and i'm also going to France on Spring Break for an exchange program, so i'll be traveling alot. haha. i'm a jetsetter. yes i am. -ω-

okay. that's enough babbling. see you guys soon! ^ω^
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