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t e a c u p p y ♪
9th-Jul-2007 02:26 pm - Requests & Affiliation
This post is solely for the purpose of requesting & affiliate applications. No graphics can be found here.

Don't be afraid to request/apply. :D I love requests, and I love affiliates, and I don't bite. xD
9th-Jul-2007 02:03 pm - Bienvenue!
Hello, and welcome to teacuppy . This is my (muffin_xx ) new graphics journal. Here I'll be offering jrock/jfashion graphics ranging from icons to friends only banners to wallpapers and everything in between. I do accept requests. To request something, please do that on the request post [you can find a quick link to it on the sidebar]. :) I'm also looking for some affiliates [you can also find a link to the application post on the sidebar]. You can find some of my older graphics at muffin_xx . Please enjoy your stay here.

Oh yeah, and feel free to
join if you like my graphics. :D
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